Thursday, January 25, 2007

Albert's floating again!

Albert's Feet

Long ago, on the BART train, I heard an angel singing "Just put your feet down child!" It turned out to be nothing more than Kate Bush coming through my walkman, but those words have since run through my head every single day of my life. I am constantly in danger of floating off above the treeline, surveying life suspended upsidedown.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Disco Duck

The theme this week, while providing a great deal of reverie, didn't really kick my muse in the booty. So, I decided to borrow an idea from BZ's journal and post an image of a painting I made in the '80s! Thanks BeeZee!

This painting is oil on panel and was painted in art school where I was told after presenting this to look at a duck sometime. So I did. And I got wet, but I still paint ducks like this, when I do paint them, which is hardly ever.

The Tooth Fairy Cometh!


The most magical Princess P proclaims: Behold, a looth tooth!

I told her all I wanted for Christmas was a loose tooth! And she gave it to me! Thank goodness the evil Dr. King will have to scrap his torture plans for this child! We are wildly dancing a pink swirly minuette!

Friday, January 12, 2007


sunrise kriti
photo credit

If I could chose the life I please then I would be a boatman
the canals and the rivers free no hasty words are spoken
my only lure is the river breeze that takes me to the open seas
if I could chose the life I please then I would be a boatman.
-the Levellers

Thursday, January 04, 2007



Phoenix of beautie, beauteous, Bird of any
To thee I do entitle all my labour,
More precious in mine eye by far then many
That feedst all earthly sences with thy savour:
Accept my home-writ praises of thy love,
And kind acceptance of thy Turtle-dove

Robert Chester, 1601

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A cupful of changes

cupful of changes

This last year has left me depleted. With a houseful of company since March, and the very devestating event of becoming pregnant and losing the baby midway through the pregancy I am starting over empty this year.

I've decided that I need some changes to occur this year. I need to fill up with good things, enrichment.

How many? How much? As many as I can fit in this cup.

How about you? What are your intentions for the new year?