Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A cupful of changes

cupful of changes

This last year has left me depleted. With a houseful of company since March, and the very devestating event of becoming pregnant and losing the baby midway through the pregancy I am starting over empty this year.

I've decided that I need some changes to occur this year. I need to fill up with good things, enrichment.

How many? How much? As many as I can fit in this cup.

How about you? What are your intentions for the new year?


Blogger Terri said...

Oh Alex dear, what a sad sad year you had. I'm SO very sorry. I really do hope you can fill this cup full to overflowing this year with wonderful, fulfilling, loving events, ideas and challenges. Do something for yourself this year. Be a bit selfish. You need to endulge and nurture yourself. Big big hugs dear friend.

5:49 PM  
Blogger katie said...

dear alex,
i'm so glad you posted on my blog a few days back as i'd lost your url - i've put it on my links so that won't happen again! i feel a connection with you, even though i barely know you. i'm so sorry to hear of the hardships you've suffered this past year; very hard things to move through. my hopes for you are for a year filled with an abundance of peace and love, and wonderous surprises that will fill your heart to overflowing.

would you email me your snail mail address?


9:20 PM  
Blogger Cheryl Prater said...


I'm so sorry about your baby. Unfortunately, I know all too well the grief that you're going through. We have the Greek thing in common too.

Drop me a line. Endaxi?

ps Don't be deceived by to onoma mou -- steen Elinika eme Eleni. O patera mou ene apo Sparti. E metera mou ene xeni -- yetee to onoma ene Cheryl.

7:31 PM  
Blogger patty o said...

Alex: You are so deep, yet you have the ability to fly and soar to the top of a tree and feel the breeze of a carefree day. I feel the sadness you have gone through, not just this year, but for so long. Thank God you have a caring husband, a devine child and great friends. That said, take some time for yourself this year, lots of it. You have people who love you lots and want nothing but good for you because you are a giver, funny, creative and a real treasure. Losing a baby is beyond me so I will just say, I am sorry about that. I sent you love and hope for a happier future and a prayer that your "cup runnieth over".

7:25 AM  

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