Thursday, February 24, 2005

If something makes me suffer


I have deleted this post, because, I have decided to devote this blog to the positive aspects of life, and because, politics make me suffer, so I shall avoid them! :)

Also, because I am allowing Wingedheels her fledgling flight--back into the world. As you know my world collapsed with my daughter Phoebe's illness. And, far from collapsing with that world, my little family pushed through, and we are seeing the other side again.

Phoebe is climbing slowly out of her imprisoning shell. She said Mom 3 days ago! I almost kissed her to death! She liked the kissing torture, so she has been coming up to me, grabbing my face in her hands, looking me in the eye (which itself is amazing) and saying: "MOM". Which is really just WOW upside down. :)

As a result of this improvement, and to regain my sanity, I am making art again. By hand, the old fashioned way. Funny how that works. I was a professional artist, who wrote for soul satisfaction. Now I am writing for cash and I am back to loving making art! Who knew? The old Henry Miller paradigm.

I love you all for hanging in there with us. And I hope my new friends will enjoy what they encounter here, and in everything they endeavor.

Thanks for visiting.


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